I had no idea what a frost rail bar was and when I read that The Vault had one, I’d already been there once and hadn’t even noticed it. So I made a point of heading straight for the bar on my second visit, to be sure I didn’t miss what Google had shown me was a genius invention: An approximately 4-inch wide rail of frost-topped ice extending the length of the bar.

“No more warm beer,” I told my co-workers. “What’s warm beer?” they asked me before launching into a discussion of how there should be such rails at Grizzlies’ games, where the beers are so large they could get warm.

Not gonna happen, but you can belly up to the bar here, keep your drinks cold and play in the snow a bit.

“People make snowmen and do all kinds of things,” said chef Aaron Winters. “I’ve seen frost rails where they have little Tonka truck snow plows on them.”

Novelty or necessity—you decide. I like it, and I also like The Vault.

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Jennifer Biggs
Commercial Appeal
July 20, 2017